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Concrete Saw - What is the Best Concrete Saw for Rebars?

Can A Concrete Saw Cut Through Rebar?

Concrete Cutting Saw

First and foremost, not all concrete saws are created equal. Different saws are needed for different types of concrete cutting projects.

If you are a professional contractor, you may already know how vital it is to use the right saw when dealing with a specific project.

Using the wrong concrete saw can result in damaged blades or poor results. Nobody wants to be left with a faulty piece of equipment on their hands.

Also, nobody wants to do a shoddy job that could end up hurting their reputation.

Different Saws for Different Projects

It’s no secret that certain concrete saws are more suitable to be used on specific projects.

For instance, some saws are specially made for cutting through patio foundations, or coring through flat surfaces like sidewalks, or even making precision cuts on concrete columns.

One type of project that always raises questions is cutting through reinforced concrete or concrete with rebar.

Concrete that includes steel or iron rods in its structure is usually made to last.

This form of concrete is used in building foundations, walls, building pillars, and other construction areas that require superior strength and durability.

The concrete structure is made to last a lifetime. So, how do you cut through something that’s made to last?

Modifications and Improvements

Often, buildings must undergo numerous modifications and upgrades to meet the needs of people.

Sometimes, additions or extensions need to be made to make a home or building bigger to accommodate more people.

In such cases, substantial concrete blocks with rebar need to be cut or removed to pave the way for the necessary modifications and improvements.

Professional contractors must make use of the right concrete saws that can cut through both concrete and rebar to get the job done.

Diamond Blade Concrete Saws

The recommended concrete saw for cutting concrete that contains steel or iron rods is a diamond blade concrete saw.

This is the only saw that can get the job done without any hiccups or challenges.

Any other type of saw or blade may cause unnecessary problems that could have been easily avoided. Diamond blades are robust and sturdy.

Regular blades that are used to cut ordinary steel or iron rods are no match for diamond blades.

Some people may argue that it’s possible to cut through rebar using abrasive blades.

However, this is not recommended as these blades are better suited for loose rebar or ordinary steel/iron rods.

Any metal that is firmly embedded in concrete should be cut using an appropriate diamond blade concrete saw.

Video Credit – Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply

Which Is the Best Concrete Saw for Cutting Through Rebar

As mentioned earlier, not all concrete saws are created equal.

This fact also applies to diamond blade concrete saws as they come in a wide variety of grades.

It’s essential to get the right grade for your cutting project if you want to achieve the best results.

Laser Welded Diamond Blade Concrete Saw

A laser welded diamond blade concrete saw is the grade you should look for if you are working on a project where you need to cut through concrete with rebar.

This piece of equipment will provide you with the power and precision you need to make deep cuts into a stable and firm block of concrete.

This saw must be used with some form of lubrication such as water to minimize friction and prevent overheating of the equipment as well as excessive cracking of the concrete.

This form of cutting is commonly known as wet cutting.

For tough concrete blocks, you can use turbo wave blades that have a stronger steel core.

These can withstand the intense pressure of cutting through different types of materials all at once.

Cutting Through Rebar

Cutting through concrete with rebar requires a little bit more planning and preparation, as opposed to cutting through a solid block of concrete.

The process should begin with you taking measurements of the specific area to be cut. The next step is to mark the section to be cut using easily visible chalk.

After this, you can prepare the equipment you need to cut through the concrete.

At this stage, it may be necessary to seek the help of trained or experienced concrete contractors.

Once you have secured the equipment, make sure that the blade on the saw is new and firmly fixed into position.

You should then proceed to wear the proper safety gear such as heavy-duty gloves, steel-toe boots, breathing mask as well as ear and eyewear before you start any cutting.

Finally, if everything is good to go, you can place the blade on the cut line and begin cutting at a slow and steady speed.

Always let the blade cut into the concrete and rebars without forcing it.

It’s highly likely that you’ll notice when the blade switches from cutting concrete to cutting rebar.


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