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6 Easy Ways to Redecorate Your House

6 Ways to Redecorate Your House Without it Costing the Earth

Decorate your room

As the seasons change, many of us start to look around our homes and dream of freshening up our living spaces. But redecorating is expensive, so we often leave things be for longer than we’d ideally like.  

Luckily, there’s a third option – with a little ingenuity, anyone can make-over their interiors for a fraction of the cost of having a professional decorator come in. Read on for our top six:

  • Do it yourself

If you don’t have the spare cash right now for a professional, then try to do it yourself. It will need your time and energy. Doing it by yourself will drastically cut down on your expenditure.

Now, unless you have experience in DIY, it’s worth adding that you should keep your goals in line with your skills. Perhaps start with one task or one room. You can build up as you get better.

Also, bear in mind that you don’t have to do it all in one go. So long as you don’t mind living in a work-in-progress for a while. We all lead busy lives, so it makes sense to break up big tasks into manageable chunks.

  • The tools for the job

If you want quality results, it’s wise to make sure you have the appropriate tools. And the good thing about owning your DIY equipment is that it’s an investment. Appliances will last a long time, especially if you’re only using them occasionally.

Instructional DIY articles or videos will outline the equipment needed for a particular task. After that, it’s worth doing some research into which brand or model would suit your particular needs best – look for consumer reviews and special offers.

Tools to decorate your home

  • Don’t underestimate the power of paint.

When transforming a space, often our first instinct is to change everything – but this is both unrealistic and unnecessary. Because the elements in a room work together, altering just one can have a surprisingly dramatic effect. 

This is especially true of modern paint, which offers a much wider range of options and reacts to different types of light. Consider employing a feature wall, a two-tone scheme, or geometric designs (using gaffer tape). 

  • Bring furniture back to life.

 One of the biggest trends in modern decorating is giving old furniture new life. So long as the item is not in serious disrepair, it’s something you can do too.

Most simply, a coat of paint can change the character of a piece – as can removing the paint and returning to a natural wood effect. As for padded furniture such as sofas, don’t underestimate how much a new cover can do to change their character. Even new cushions or a throw can give a classic piece of furniture a unique feel and look.

  • Use lighting cleverly 

Another essential element of interior design that we often forget about is the lighting. Rooms look very different with different light fixtures.

So, whether you choose to go with one central, statement light as your primary source, or multiple smaller lights spread through space, consider the type of bulb you’re using (cold or warm tones) and how your light-shades contribute (or don’t). Also, decide whether you want a directional or an ambient lighting effect, and remember that strategically-placed mirrors can spread natural or artificial light around your home.

Use lighting cleverly

  • New furniture – to you

If you need new furniture, you can still save money by considering second-hand buys. It’s never been easier to find options online quickly. And this is good news for the environment, too – especially important when a reported 71.4% of shoppers now say they consider this when deciding where to buy.

Finally, instead of splashing out on expensive wall art, there’s always the option of giving pride of place to family photos – or something someone in the family made. What you save in paying for the image, you could put towards an eye-catching frame.

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